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Neural therapy - developed by the German physicians Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, this effective form of therapy relieves pain and dysfunction throughout the body by unblocking interference to normal nerve flow. Neural therapy involves injections of dilute procaine local anesthetic and sometimes homeopathics into specific areas in the skin such as acupuncture points, nerve sites, scars and muscle trigger points.


According to Neural therapy, trauma can result in long-term disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues. Trauma may affect scars, nerves, or a cluster of nerves (ganglion). The term, “Interference Zone,” is used to refer to any scar, traumatized, infected or dysfunctional tissue. Interference Zone(s) can create health problems in other regions of the body due to interference in nerve transmission. The autonomic nervous system (for both you and your pet) needs free flow of nerves to (unconsciously) regulate body functions such as breathing, blood flow, heart rate, digestion and perspiration. Interference with nerve flow comprises the nervous system’s regulation of the body by impairing optimal function and can lead to pain, disability and disease.


Neural therapy is often applied when the patient is not responding to treatment such as acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments or when no abnormalities are seen in the radiographs (X-rays). For example, your pet has a big scar from a previous surgery and is not responding to acupuncture and painkillers. The scar may be the problem and should be treated.


Depending on the case, a needle-less laser may be used instead of injections. Some patients are not amenable to neural therapy; due to the nature of multiple injections, there may be an inability to keep a patient quiet and calm for injections. Results vary in duration based on the individual patient and multiple sessions may be required.

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